The Man Behind the Lens

BY TARA SMITH Even if you don’t know Rowland Scherman by name, you’ve probably seen his photos. His iconic photographs have been hanging around Patchogue in both the library and theater lobby as part of the Patchogue Arts Council’s Summer of Love tribute. Scherman was the first photographer for the Peace Corps in 1961, documenting... Continue Reading →

Reigniting the Fight for Climate Solutions

BY TARA SMITH Earlier this month, President Donald Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Local officials immediately began weighing in, but what does this mean for Long Islanders? In 2015, President Barack Obama joined 195 other countries in Paris to agree to adopt greener energy sources by cutting down on... Continue Reading →

Patchogue Gets a Groovy Mural

BY TARA SMITH Jonny Mike lifted a can of spray paint and swept it across the rear surface of the Patchogue-Medford Library. While working on the Patchogue Arts Council mural last weekend, the artist, who rarely uses his full name — ‘Jonny’ Michael Hollingworth — admitted that it felt a little weird to be spray... Continue Reading →

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