Reigniting the Fight for Climate Solutions

BY TARA SMITH Earlier this month, President Donald Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Local officials immediately began weighing in, but what does this mean for Long Islanders? In 2015, President Barack Obama joined 195 other countries in Paris to agree to adopt greener energy sources by cutting down on... Continue Reading →

Patchogue Gets a Groovy Mural

BY TARA SMITH Jonny Mike lifted a can of spray paint and swept it across the rear surface of the Patchogue-Medford Library. While working on the Patchogue Arts Council mural last weekend, the artist, who rarely uses his full name — ‘Jonny’ Michael Hollingworth — admitted that it felt a little weird to be spray... Continue Reading →

Record Stop opens in Patchogue

BY TARA SMITH Over 30,000 vinyl records and CDs line the walls of the new Record Stop at 30 Railroad Avenue, tempting you to spend hours browsing the shelves. The brick-and-mortar location, which opened last Friday, is a testament to recent studies that show vinyl records are outselling digital downloads for the first time since... Continue Reading →

Two little birds

BY TARA SMITH There’s a tranquil view of a six-acre lake as you enter Walden Pond in East Moriches. It embodies eastern Long Island life, serene and slow. It’s what drew George Fisher and wife Lynne to move to East Moriches five years ago, to escape the fast-paced beat of the island west. “Thoreau would... Continue Reading →

‘Hidden Figures’ no more

BY TARA SMITH A dozen pairs of eyes lit up as Stesi Shanja clamped a piece of pencil lead with two alligator clips, placed a Mason jar over the top and closed the circuit by attaching the clips to eight D batteries. The Mason jar filled with smoke and the pencil lead began to glow,... Continue Reading →

Taste-testing black history

BY TARA SMITH From scholars to civil rights activists and influential musicians and writers, February is a month to honor the contributions that black Americans have made, and continue to make, on American culture. For Tijuana Fulford, 34, of Riverhead, culinary contributions — soul food — play a huge role in understanding that history. Last... Continue Reading →

Local educators react to DeVos appointment

BY TARA SMITH For nearly three hours on Jan. 17, Patchogue-Medford Superintendent Dr. Michael Hynes watched Betsy DeVos’ senate confirmation hearing in near disbelief as she stumbled over basic policy questions. At one point, she suggested that states should decide whether to enforce federal civil rights laws in schools and cited “potential grizzlies” as a... Continue Reading →

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